Intended for experienced photographers, this is the same system we use in-house for all our own clients. This enables you to create your own WebWalk tours comprised of imagery that you capture, with no special equipment and all features included.

Free training material is provided and all WebWalk tours are managed through our Online Editor giving you complete control at all times. In many cases, a photographer can learn how to shoot a WebWalk tour within a couple of hours. If you would prefer for us to capture your space, then please see Full-Service.

We are also training and hiring photographers to be a part of regional production teams, worldwide. Every WebWalk tour is different, every business tells a story and we look forward to working with small, dynamic teams of amazing and talented photographers to present these experiences to the world. If interested, please take a look at our Work With Us page.
Manage your WebWalk Projects

Managing any project can elicit chaos. Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to manage your work by providing a list of WebWalk projects that are associated with your account.

The dashboard will display all relevant information about your WebWalk projects such as who owns them, who is collaborating on them, whether it is enabled or disabled, archived, and so on.

Create. Disable. Enable. Delete. It all happens from the dashboard.
The WebWalk Authoring Suite.
Path Creator + Media Library + Builder
Where all the magic happens.
Path Creator
Use the path creator to convert a sequence of image frames into a seamless WebWalk path. This is a managed 4 step process:
Configure: Adjust the grid lines on the image.
Upload: Select the images to be included in the sequence.
Organize: Remove unwanted images and specify the order of the sequence.
Publish: Select the title, pace, and visibility of the newly created WebWalk Path.
Media Library
The media library contains additional visual content available for use in a WebWalk tour. All media is organized into dialogue boxes that are saved, and later embedded inside of the WebWalk tour. The library supports:
Media Types: Video, photos, audio, URLs, documents, and formatted contextual information.
Dialogue Box Types: Choose from a variety of layouts to accommodate videos, photos, and other media. Our simple drag & drop interface makes it simple to create great looking dialogue boxes.
Customize with colors: A fully customizable color palate is available as well.
The builder brings it all together by creating connections between WebWalk paths and embedding items from the Media Library.
Branches: Embed clickable arrows called "branches" to navigate between independent paths in a WebWalk tour.
Hotspots: Embed those neat dialogue boxes that were created in the WebWalk Library and assign them a clickable icon.
When it takes a team -- Collaborate.

With WebWalk Cloud, you will gain access to collaboration management tools. WebWalk can scale as large as your needs, and beyond. Whether you're managing a WebWalk tour for a 1,000 square foot apartment or a 1,000,000 square foot convention, you'll always have the tools to accomplish any sized job.
Open Equipment Standard

WebWalk is built upon an open standard, allowing the flexibility to use your own custom camera setup. As long as you can create a panoramic image, you can create a WebWalk tour. If you have any questions regarding compatibility, please contact us. Fantastic equipment rental rates are also available through our friends over at Borrow Lenses.
General Equipment List:

  • Compact Digital Camera, Digital SLR Camera, or Digital Camera array

  • Lens capable of producing a panoramic image in one or more shots (if not using a camera array). Examples: panorama lens attachment, fish-eye wide-angle lens, panoramic head and rotator, etc.

  • Tripod

  • Tripod Dolly

  • Ball Head Attachment

  • Internet-connected Computer (post-production)
View a Standard Rolling Dolly equipment list
Standard Account

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$5/month each additional active project

$1/month each additional inactive project

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Please Contact Us about custom plans or with any questions.

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