Next best thing to being there.
WebWalk is a digital tour that creates the feeling of 'walking' through any real-life location. It enables prospective patients to tour your dental practice 24 hours a day. A properly crafted WebWalk creates the confidence that prospective patients need to get "over the hump" and into your office.
Stand out with a WebWalk tour, and show prospective patients the facilities and technology that separate your dental practice from your competition!
WebWalk is good for your dental practice.
   Establish Confidence: Immediately establish quality of your ENTIRE facility to a prospective patient.
   Educate prospective Patients: Additional educational interaction through embedded photos, videos, contact forms, and custom features.
   Point out your investments: Show perspective patients that you care about innovation by pointing out your advanced equipment.
   Ultimate Reach: Embed a WebWalk tour on any website, tablet, mobile device, or kiosk. Emerging technology frameworks are also extending WebWalk capabilities to gaming devices, set-top boxes and Smart Tvs.
   Protect your reputation: In these times, managing expectations is important. A WebWalk digital tour provides the most modern form of What You See Is What You Get. This prevents misunderstandings, ultimately protecting your business' reputation on review sites such as Yelp and Google Places.
Central Park West Dentistry (Manhattan, NY) is "at the forefront of the latest research in dentistry and use the most up-to-date methods and technology" and an expert multidisciplinary staff. They are especially proud of their state of the art sterilization room to ensure the cleanest of standards. A WebWalk tour is showcases their deep investment in equipment and the longevity and quality of their dental practice.
Some of our client demos.
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