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WebWalk Viewer not going into full screen for iOS

  • I’m really impressed with your product. I am having a little bit of trouble on Apple mobile devices. I’ve noticed that they open on the page, but I can not get them to go into full screen. I’ve tried in both landscape and portrait mode. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a known issue?

    Regardless, what webwalk has built is impressive. Every customer we’ve shown it to has really liked it!

    Hoping to hear back from someone.

    Raphael B

    Hi There, thanks for stopping by!

    Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble, and thanks for pointing this out! With iOS’s new found respect for WebGL, its been a chore modifying all of our user-agent logic. The user-agent is an identifier that tells the viewer what kind of device you’re using, which then identifies which messages to display to a user based on their device. Up until recently, webGL was not supported on Apple mobile devices. So we would use the user-agent to give the users a notice that WebWalk isn’t support for the reason that their device wasn’t supported. Now however, iOS supports webGL, and we’re in a position to remove those notices to iOS users, and tell the viewer to build the project. So its going to take some time, but we’re on it. If you find some quirks, please report them as you have.

    A few things will help us out:

    1. What kind of device are you using?
    2. What version of the OS are you on?
    3. Can you post any screen shots or video of the problem that your experiencing?

    I’m very excited that you’re enjoying the product. Thank you in advance for your feedback. Anything that users can provide is definitely beneficial to all of us.


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    Raphael B

    I feel like I’ve been able to lock down the problem that you’re experiencing. It has to do with the viewport meta tag. We’re actually going through a small rewrite to make our website responsive. The issue stems from the WebWalk viewer having a viewport meta property and also the page that the viewer is embedded in also has a viewport meta property. So when you’re hitting the fullscreen button the two meta properties are conflicting. We’re working on a fix and will report back shortly.

    Talk soon, Raphael


    I’ve moved this topicĀ from ‘viewer suggestions’ to ‘support’

    I’ve also noticed this to be an issue. Works without any problems on my android phone LG G3, but trouble going full screen on my ipad.

    Has there been any new progress on a fix?

    Raphael B

    Hi Carolyn,

    I wanted to follow up on this for you. So essentially, iOS doesn’t subscribe to the full screen API probably because a full screen experience would compete with Apples app strategy.

    In any case, we started developing a work around for iOS, which will make the viewer almost full screen, but technically, not full screen. When a user hits the full screen button, we’re essentially adjusting the viewer canvas so that it is the size of the device minus the address bar at the top of the screen. For now, until Apple decides that they want to subscribe to the Full Screen API like the rest of the World, it will be our best solution. We’re testing our solution now, and if all works as it should we’ll roll it out to all platform users next week.

    I hope things are going well down there!


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