Without GPS indoors, tagging your paths with geo-coordinates is almost impossible, but we’ve designed a quick and easy solution for adding localized data to your paths with out a bunch of trickery.Why would you want to localize your paths? Its a good idea to localize your paths because you may want to use the WebWalk API to plot your nodes (frames) on a map or in a different project. Or perhaps you want to use your projects in an app that you’re creating. That aside, localizing your WebWalks provides you with better information about your spaces, and more importantly, it connects the real World with the virtual World. Once you’ve localized your paths your traffic is just as good, if not better that a real person walking through your space, because its based off of the REAL thing, and you’ll get more data points on user interaction.Here is how to get it done:First you’ll login to the WebWalk Authoring Suite, then navigate to your project. Open up the Builder, then click on the “Floor Plans” tab. Then you can either create a floor plan, or you can use an existing floor plan. Once the floor plan is saved you see a “Re-Locate” button.


WebWalk Builder - Floor Plans

Next you’ll get the following screen. You’ll then want to use the slippy map to navigate the map to the actual location of the property that you webwalked. Then you zoom in as far as you can with the map.

WebWalk Builder - Localize WebWalk Project

Then with the transparent floor plan, you’ll use the red “circle” to position the floor plan over the map. Make sure that North is actually True North. When the floor plan is positioned properly you can then hit the save button.

WebWalk Builder - Localize Floorplan

Now each path that you plot on the localized floor plan will have proper geo location. You’ll use this procedure for each floorplan in your project. Remember, you can plot as many paths on each floor plan without having to re-locate. You only need re-locate the floor plan if you we’re to add a second floor plan such as a different level of the property.

WebWalk Builder - Localized Panoramic Nodes frames