Sometimes you’ll get a user that just wants a passive experience like a video. As you know WebWalk isn’t a video, but it does have an autowalk button that a user can use to play a passive experience which is very similar to a video.

The Authoring Platform offers an easy way for you to record “auto-walks” on a per path basis. You can then take all of these individual auto-walk recordings and stack them together to create a spliced video (global) experience that can be interrupted by the user at any time. I’ll show you how.

Here are a few things that you’l want to keep in mind:
1. Keep the recording natural
2. Don’t move to fast
3. Don’t be afraid to record more than one recording per path. You can create as many as you’d like.

Let’s get recording!

1. Open the project from the WebWalk Dashboard
2. Open up the WebWalk Bulider:
3. Select your path that you’d like to record from the drop down path selector
4. Click on the autowalk sub panel.
5. Click on the add new video button.
6. Wait for the countdown.
7. Make your recording
8. Give it a name
9. Select whether or not you’d like to save it as your default path
10. Save it!
11. Test it

Wanna see? Watch this video of recording a path:

Lets make a Global path:

1. Select the button “Launch Global Editor”
2. See a list of paths? Select each path to see a list of recording for each path.
3. Drag the path over into the timeline.
4. You’ll see the time line accrue time. Your recordings will play in the order specified in the time line.
5. Save and exit the Global Editor

Configuring your path