Good virtual experiences are ones that give the user a feeling of proximity. Too often us consumers are presented with virtual experiences that end with in vertigo. And, that isn’t cool…

One of the major reasons why we invest in fluid paths is because the transition change is small enough where the user won’t get discombobulated, or in other words lost. From some of the latest research that we’ve done we’ve learned that users tend to get lost in digital and virtual tours that hop the user from panorama to the other. We have to remember that not all of our users are technomaniacs. Such as, adding floor plans to the experience is just another way to ensure that your user doesn’t get lost.

Adding floor plans to WebWalks is fairly simple. You don’t want to add floor plans to the experience until you’re satisfied with all of the paths that you’ved added to your project. For example, if you add paths to a floor plan, and then decide that you make a change to your path you might end up with a path that has less frames that when you initally added your path to the floor plan. In this case your path line on the floor plan will be affected and it may give your user a inaccurate position.

The best way to add your paths to a floor plan

1. Graphics:
You’re going to want to make sure that your floor plan graphic is
2. Localization:
This is loc
3. Plot your paths

4. Activate your default floor plan for the path

Wanna see? Watch this video: