WebWalk Builder

Connect your paths together

This is a quick tutorial to show you how to connect your paths together using “Branch Arrows”. You’ll notice at the beginning of the video that it moves really quick. This is just because we need at least two paths in order to connect them together. Not to worry though, it will slow down once […]

Creating Autowalks from paths

Sometimes you’ll get a user that just wants a passive experience like a video. As you know WebWalk isn’t a video, but it does have an autowalk button that a user can use to play a passive experience which is very similar to a video. The Authoring Platform offers an easy way for you to […]

Localize your WebWalk Paths

Without GPS indoors, tagging your paths with geo-coordinates is almost impossible, but we’ve designed a quick and easy solution for adding localized data to your paths with out a bunch of trickery.Why would you want to localize your paths? Its a good idea to localize your paths because you may want to use the WebWalk […]

Add a floor plan to your WebWalk

Good virtual experiences are ones that give the user a feeling of proximity. Too often us consumers are presented with virtual experiences that end with in vertigo. And, that isn’t cool… One of the major reasons why we invest in fluid paths is because the transition change is small enough where the user won’t get discombobulated, or in […]

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